SIERRA® Bridge Saw

Value-priced sawing solution.


Reliable, Productive, Value-Priced

Don’t let the value-price fool you. The SIERRA® Bridge Saw from Park Industries® is built and designed for heavy-duty performance and reliable results. With up to a 16" diamond blade the SIERRA® can cut stone up to 3-3/4" thick.



SIERRA Bridge Saw | Powered Tilt Table for Material Handling




With simple push-button controls and a hand-held pendant for directional control, and a laser-light guide on the bridge, the SIERRA® Bridge Saw is easy to set up and operate. It’s built to perform with minimum training and maintenance. You simply won’t find a better priced, better performance, diamond gantry bridge saw.

Features & Benefits

Value, Performance, Easy Operation:

  • 0-47° degree bridge miter
  • Laser-light guide on the bridge for easy blade positioning
  • Easy-to-use push button pendant controls
  • 15 HP Arbor Motor
  • 14” – 16” inch blade diameter
  • Cut up to 3-3/4" deep and 12' long

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SIERRA® Bridge Saw for Stone Countertop Fabrication
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0-47 Miter

The SIERRA® bridge miter capabilities that produces flawless, precise 0-47° miter cuts.

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TURN TABLE (optional)

360 degree manual rotation, hard stop locations every 45 degrees, central grease location, 0-70 degree powered tilt with air brakes. (Optional Feature)

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Utilize the Laser Positioning System to cut accurately and confidently.

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The SIERRA utilizes a standard 15 HP AC Arbor motor with 1725 RPM.

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CUT UP TO 3-3/4" Depth

The SIERRA offers blade flexibility - utilize a 14" blade for maximum sawing depth of 2-3/4" with 14" blade or use a 16" blade for maximum sawing depth of 3-3/4".

SIERRA® Bridge Saw | Reliable, Productive, Value-Priced 

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"The Sierra is a great saw.  The simple, open design is very nice and makes the saw easy to maintain.  Very simple to operate.  I also like having the ability to customize the Sierra to fit my preferences which is not hard to do with the help of Park’s service.  It is a solid saw – I’ll still have this thing in 20 years"

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