The HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter with 96” chisel width makes clean and consistent cuts up to 8 feet wide. Each machine feature faster hydraulic recover for faster cuts. You’ll be able to increase efficiency and productivity without sacrificing quality or speed.

When you are working with stone pieces this big, Park understands how important quality is. The mechanical chisel and wedge equalization system provides solid steel backup for each chisel for consistently clean cuts. We’ve placed the powerful hydraulic cylinders outside the cutting area to eliminate oil and grease stains on the stone and ensure you’re producing a quality product.

The HYDRASPLIT® makes working with large pieces of stone easy. The self-contained control station is conveniently located on an adjustable swing arm for quick access to machine operation. Increase your production capabilities and workflow with a HYDRASPLIT®.

Features & Benefits

Quickly and consistently split stone 8 feet wide:

  • 96” chisel width
  • 26” height opening
  • 300-tons of cutting force
  • 108" throat width for large size stone
  • Underhead cutting splits stones with precision and eliminates conveyor damage
  • Single-action wedge/split control
  • H-frame style splitter
  • Intelli-Split Feature Allows Adjustable Speed and Pressure to Optimize Split Quality

Increase your splitting efficiency and decrease labor cost. Contact us today to learn more about our 96” chisel width HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter.

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