HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitters
Reduce production costs with heavy-duty HYDRASPLIT® stone splitters.


Park Industries® has been designing and building our line of extremely rugged and durable HYDRASPLIT® stationary stone splitters since 1953.

Park has continued to evolve our original design, and continue to be North America's leader in stone splitters.


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H Frame Model Splitters

Our self-contained HYDRASPLIT machines are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel. The durable and rugged ‘H’ frame withstands the toughest splits for longer machine life, lower maintenance costs, and higher-quality splits.


Open Frame Model Splitter

Park has introduced an open frame model splitter – the HYDRASPLIT WOLVERINE. One person and easily load, split, and remove the stone efficiently while utilizing the WOLVERINE making this an ideal splitter for small to medium stone processing.

Faster hydraulic recover for consistent cuts.

Our mechanical chisel and wedge equalization system provides solid steel backup for each chisel, optimizing split quality. Hydraulic cylinders are placed outside the cutting area to eliminate potential oil stains on the stone. And the adjustable, heavy-duty, powered veneer gauge provides quick and reliable gauging of material.

Better chisels for better splits.

Our interchangeable chisels are made from heat-treated and hardened high-carbon steel for maximum durability. The HYDRASPLIT’s unique chisel guide system maintains alignment to minimize chisels from bending on hard stone. And because the chisels are narrow, they conform to the contours of the stone for quality splits with clean arris lines.

Convenient conveyor systems for faster processing.

Maximize your stone processing with one or more of our conveyor systems:

  • Roller conveyor improves input speed and control.
  • Staggered feed gravity conveyor with additional rollers at chisel line improves cutting efficiency.
  • Powered conveyor belt receives cut pieces and makes discharge effortless.

Increase splitting efficiency and reduce labor costs. Request More Info to learn more about our line of HYDRASPLIT stone splitters.