Increase your productivity with consistent precision sawing from the PREDATOR II Bridge Saw. With low maintenance costs and minimal mechanical adjustments, the PREDATOR is an advanced automated sawing solution that lets you saw stone up to 24" thick.

The rigid construction ensures vibration-free sawing for high precision cuts and lower diamond costs. The PREDATOR also features variable speeds and high cross head travel for determining blade travel speed and maximizing diamond sharpness, saving you valuable time and reducing machine wear.

The touch screen interface allows for unattended operation with extraordinary ease and precision, and intelligent amp control optimizes blade-in-stone time for maximum productivity.

Features & Benefits

High-precision, automated sawing solution:

  • Saw stone up to 24" thick with a 64" diameter blade
  • 40 HP arbor drive with Soft Start
  • EXCLUSIVE Park StoneTrace blade motion with running drops reduces out of stone time!
  • Automatic re-start!


Saw large blocks of stone faster and with greater accuracy. Contact us to learn how the PREDATOR’s accurate automated sawing can reduce your labor costs.


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