The COBRA SXL delivers rugged, reliable operation to efficiently boost yield. Easily plunge cut soft limestone up to 30" thick with a 72" blade powered by a 75 HP arbor drive motor with soft start.

With 40 feet of standard gantry movement and optional additional 24-foot modular section of track and gear rack, the COBRA will increase your sawing production with virtually unlimited travels.

Easy setup and automated features, such as amp control and digital input of next-cut locations with kerf adder, get you cutting faster and keep you in-cut longer. Once running, the automated system makes precise bi-directional cuts without complicated controls

Features & Benefits

Optimal sawing production with unlimited travels:

  • Saw stone up to 30” thick with a 72" diameter blade
  • 75 HP arbor drive motor with Soft Start
  • Amp Following of the Arbor Motor to optimize production
  • Out of stone faster traverse speeds to maximize production
  • Bi-directional (away & back) unattended cuts for high productivity
  • Overamp, low RPM and water flow safety

Maximum sawing efficiency for high-output production is possible with a COBRA SXL block saw. Contact us to learn how a COBRA SXL can help you get the most from each cut.