WIZARD Radial Arm Workstation

The WIZARD Radial Arm Workstation is an all-purpose machine with a small footprint that is an excellent radial arm polisher. With the 360 degree radial arm design, you’re able to make the most use of your space to boost productivity.

Whether you’re cutting granite, marble or limestone, the precise head pressure control and speed make face polishing fast and easy. For edge shaping, the WIZARD navigates inside and outside radiuses. It also easily cores hard-to-reach island sinks with an airflow control valve that eliminates blowouts or chipping when cutting fixture holes in polished surfaces. The WIZARD cuts time spent on undermounts by half and makes drainboard cutting and polishing easy with the center water feed.

WIZARD Deluxe Radial Arm Workstation

The Wizard Deluxe provides the same outstanding performance of the Wizard with the versatility of a second high-speed spindle to create sink drop-outs and fixture holes faster and easier.

Features & Benefits

  • Bowl Cutting and Polishing
  • Face Polishing
  • Edge Shaping
  • Coring
  • Stock Removal

Contact us to learn how the WIZARD Deluxe, all-purpose fabrication center can make your operation more efficient.